About us


LEAD Foundation is an NGO registered with the Government of Tanzania. LEAD is an acronym for:

Leadership Development,
Environmental Conservation, and
Action for -

The acronym conveys the ethos of the Goals of the Foundation: to inspire and equip stakeholders to be upfront in applying most appropriate and effective principles and practices of servant leadership, environmental conservation and action for community transformation.

LEAD implements its mission through training, consultancy, research and initiation of projects.


(i)    Being a centre of excellence in inspiring and equipping leaders and communities at various levels to enhance their passion, commitment and skills for good governance, planning and conservation of the environment and heritage.

(ii)    To enhance knowledge and skills of strategic environmental planning, project formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

(iii)    To restore degraded environments that have significant bearing on livelihoods of surrounding communities such as Kiboriani range of mountains in Mpwapwa, Tanzania.

(iv)    To promote sustainable programmes related to Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

(v)    To promote and support the overall Objectives of the Tanzania Vision 2025 and Millennium Development Goals.