Education for Character Formation

Concerned by the national and global alarming erosion of personal values, discipline and quality of education, LEAD Foundation strives to promote and cultivate commitment and passion for character formation through lifelong education from childhood, grounded on the following six Core Values:

Responsibility - being morally and ethically accountable;
Stewardship –managing resources responsibly;
Excellence - achieving highest standards in all things;
Integrity – faithfully adhering to truth and transparency;
Purpose - living with clear sense of direction grounded on belief in God and respect of Context;
Humility - accepting leadership authority is from God.

Two educational programmes are geared towards inculcating these Core Values.

(a)    Malewo English Medium Nursery School is for children between 3 and 6 years of age, regardless of gender, religion or nationality. The homely school environment provides a conducive learning environment for early childhood education and tender day care service.

(b)    The Lead Education Academy (LEA) is a continuing education programme, providing quality education and skill-training for those who have not been selected to continue with secondary and tertiary education and thought they had been left behind in the race for development. It inculcates the core values and boosts their morale and sense of hope, to be able to say with Mwalimu Nyerere, “It can be done, Play your part.”